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At Auer Design Hause, we believe that a well-designed space can transform lives, both personally and professionally. Auer process is highly collaboratively with our clients, architects, contractors, and vendors to create thoughtful interiors that serve for years.


Whether you're looking to refresh a single room, redesign your entire home or office, our team is highly engaged. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our ability to design spaces that are equally beautiful and functional. 

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From Auer Design Hause to Your Home or Office

At Auer Design Hause, we specialize in turning new builds into captivating living experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, we seamlessly integrate architecture and aesthetics. Our expert team collaborates with you and your architects right from the blueprint stage, ensuring every element is meticulously designed to enhance both functionality and beauty.

From envisioning the perfect layout to selecting materials that resonate with your vision, we craft interiors that truly reflect your lifestyle. Whether it's creating inviting living areas, functional kitchens, serene bedrooms, or inspiring workspaces, we infuse every corner with a distinct charm.

Experience the synergy of architectural excellence and artistic finesse. Welcome to a world where every space in your new build is a masterpiece in the making.


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